About The Premium Study

What is the PREMIUM Study About?

Protein is found in food like eggs, meats, dairy, beans, and nuts. Diets high in protein have been studied for health benefits. These health benefits include changes in the amount of fat and muscle in our bodies, the number of calories we burn, and better blood sugar control. We also know the microbes living in our gut can influence the level of inflammation in our bodies, which has been linked to obesity. However, how a diet high in protein affects the microbes in our gut and inflammation is not known. Our study will investigate how a higher protein diet affects these factors. To achieve a higher protein diet, a nutritional supplement will be consumed. The protein supplement is not investigational and is available for purchase by the public.  However, because we are using it in this study to see the effect on gut microbes and inflammation, the protein supplement is considered investigational by Health Canada. Health Canada has approved this study to test the protein supplement.

PREMIUM is an exciting study being conducted at the University of Alberta. Joining this study is entirely voluntary.

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If you are interested in participating or have additional questions, please contact us.